Erica Brooke The Spot Stick

Erica Brooke The Spot Stick

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This mighty little treatment is designed to target troublesome spots, helping to reduce their severity. It will also work to kill germs and balance the skin's excess sebum. Thanks to the unique qualities of hemp and black seed oils it will nourish, heal and repair the skin. In addition the special essential oil blend in The Spot Stick pays a great tribute to the powerful antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties Australian essential oils have to offer. It includes the divine Fragonia and rare Rose Myrtle and what pimple targeting product would be complete without the mighty tea tree?

Blemish prone skin types.

Ingredients:  Hemp Seed Oil*, Black Seed Oil* Essential Oils Of: Agonis Fragrans(Fragonia), Tea Tree*, Rose Myrtle, Frankincense Serrata* and Geranuim*.