Erica Brooke The Daily Dose & Precious Face Oil

Erica Brooke The Daily Dose & Precious Face Oil

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What a pair these two are together

If you have been considering either one of these two products then buying them together as a duo is the way to go. Always use The Daily Dose first then follow up with the Precious Face Oil. Both are enriched with amazing ingredients like, Pomegranate Oil for its anti-inflamitory properties and  incredibly high content of punicic acid, helping to sooth and calm dry, irritated skin. CO enzyme Q10 is a powerhouse antioxidant helping to fight the ageing signs. Both have an amazing feel on the skin, both will hydrate, repair and revive.

Normal to dry skin types.

The Daily Dose 80ml and Precious Face Oil 30ml.

Please see individual products for all of the other incredible ingredients.