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Banksia Mini Scent Pot

Banksia Mini Scent Pot

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Individually hand turned from Banksia seed pods, in mini size (approx. 2 inches in height).  These uniquely Australian aromatherapy accessory for pure essential oils are 100% natural, using a plant-based finish (no chemicals used in the process). They are a great accessory to our organic essential oils and will look nice anywhere in the home.

Scent pot facts: Hand-turned, one off piece, sustainable, Australian, natural room fragrance. 

How they work:

Fill your scent pots with choice of your favourite organic essential oil.

At the beginning, it is normal for the scent pot to be filled a few times to get it going.  We suggest that you keep filling it day after day until you start to smell it in your room. Thereafter you will only need to top-up once a week / once every few days. Everybody has a different sense of smell so this will vary from person to person and room to room.  A mini scent pot typically works very well in approximately 100sf of space.

The Banksia is porous and works like a diffuser. It will soak up the essential oil and you will be able to smell the fragrance in your room for weeks! They are a great freshener for your bathroom, bedroom, drawers, wardrobe and even your car! They are a safe, all-natural diffuser, without the use electricity or fire.