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Adorn Cosmetics voted 'Top 20 Australian brands of all time' and one of ' 7 Best Online Beauty Stores', launched in 2009 by Melbourne environmental advocate Briony Kennedy. Trusted worldwide by women from Australia to New York, Paris to London and across the globe living a 'clean', more ethical, environmentally conscious lifestyle and who want to use natural cosmetics without compromising on quality, style, or luxury. 

Briony Kennedy, Adorn founder is a ten year veteran of the beauty industry. Her time in the industry has exposed her to hundreds of women and even more products. Passionate about both 'inner and outer' beauty, Briony believes that cosmetics and skin care must not only offer the very best toxin free ingredients that nature can provide BUT must also work in harmony together - AND with minimal impact on the environment.

Adorn launched in 2008 and its commitment to producing the best Eco-Luxe beauty products, mineral makeup and organic skincare, that delivers flawless, professional results, has made it a trusted and credible Australian owned and made brand! Their commitment to minimise both carbon footprint and landfill is backed by their popular Earth Friendly Eco-Refill Program. The mineral makeup refill cosmetics encourage customers to re-use their beautiful cosmetic pots. Whilst other brands ‘talk’ about being ethical and natural, Adorn has taken lengthy steps to obtain third-party accreditations to support their claims, including being Choose Cruelty Free certified and Vegan Society registered.

The purity of their mineral makeup and organic skincare ingredients means that products are conveniently multi-purpose and safe for use on even the most sensitive of skins. Adorn Cosmetics' mineral makeup and skincare ingredients are obtained from sustainable sources (they do not use Palm Oil) are non-toxic and do NOT contain ingredients scientifically proven harmful to the skin or our environment, such as Talc, Bismuth Oxychloride, Parabens and Mineral Oil to name but a few. 

Proudly cruelty free and made from the purest & richest of minerals and organic ingredients, means a little of your Adorn product will go a very long way! 

Finally... flawless, long lasting results that make you look good and feel good, because you know you are using the most trusted, toxin free formulations, obtained from sustainable sources that your skin will love you for!


Adorn Cosmetics understand the concerns around trying new products and selecting the right colour, so they proudly offers samples and beauty box sampler kits to take the worry out of purchasing online or the hassle of purchasing 'in-store'. 
Their super popular samples give you the opportunity to try out, so you can be confident you're investing in the right product for YOU!



Leading the way in reducing landfill and minimising carbon footprint, we eagerly encourage our customers to reuse their beautiful Adorn pots by purchasing our popular eco-luxe refills. Proudly the first cosmetics brand to offer a refill program, our refills help SAVE the environment and SAVE YOU money! 



The eco-luxe cosmetics have been created with busy women in mind and don't require the time or effort to apply compared to conventional cosmetics. The loose, pure mineral products are highly pigmented, give excellent coverage and are both water and sweat resistant which means little to NO need for touch-ups, resulting in a perfect, flawless finish that lasts all day long.

Many of the products are multipurpose, which makes looking good less fuss and simpler! 
Adorn is the #1 leader in offering its customers a complete range of eco-luxe, cruelty free cosmetics which means that women dedicated to ethical cosmetics can shop with confidence all in the one place!

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