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A little bit about us!

We are 3 friends who are based in different part of Asia- one in Singapore, one in Malaysia and one in Hong Kong! 

Our love for natural and organic products has led us to source for artisanal brands of skin, body, hair care, and essential oils from Australia.  The country that is known to have the most organically farmed land in the world.

We want to share these brands we love with more people in Asia so they can afford to live naturally as well. You will find that our prices are similar to retail prices in Australia and at most few dollars more to cover shipping costs. We are able to fulfil orders to other countries in Asia apart from countries we hail from. 

In our crusade to convert as many people as possible to live naturally, we will continue to source and bring in more natural and organic products so we can minimise daily exposure to chemical and toxin in our lives!

Come join us in this journey to uplift our wellbeing by living naturally!

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With love,